Meet Your Hosts


Pete’s the ring leader of the bunch!

His top priority is the comfort and safety of his guests and that shows in everything that he does.

From the minute you roll in, he’s right there to lend a hand and answer any questions you have. His easy going nature, and caring personality make him the perfect host.

Pete’s welcoming and pleasant attitude makes people want to come back again and again.

Sheree LeGroSheree

Pete’s Wife and the Lady in charge!

Managing a family-owned campground is no easy feat, but Sheree makes it look like it is.

Sheree’s the perfect compliment to Pete, keeping him in line and making sure that everything runs smoothly.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone friendlier and more welcoming. Her main goal is to ensure that every guest gets the most enjoyment possible from their time at the campground.



This young lady is one in a million!

Conner is Pete and Sheree’s daughter. She’s got a sparkling personality and quick smile that makes everyone who meets her feel like they’ve known her forever.

Even though she’s a college student with big plans for her future, she spends all her spare time at the campground.

She’s clearly dedicated to her family’s business and works hard to make sure everyone is well-cared for.



The welcoming committee!

Meet Bowtie, the sweetest, most social kitty in the area. He loves to visit with everyone that comes in, rushing over to say “Hello!”.

He’s super friendly to other pets, and welcomes them with open paws as well.

He’ll stop for a chat, lounge about and let you know you’re a welcome visitor. Once he’s sure you’re settled in and happy, he’ll wander off to survey the grounds.


Vinny Lee

With his trusty companion Sunny!

Owner/Lead Designer at Never Not Doing It, Vinny is the web designer and hosts Deep Valley Campground’s site. Whenever something needs to be updated, added, or changed,¬† these web-dogs make the job look easy!

From wrangling the site plugins to tweaking the design so it’s easy to view from your laptop, or mobile device, they’ve got it covered. It’s all about your viewing pleasure.

Not only is Vinny a 20+ year web creation veteran, but he’s also been known go out of his way to lend a hand to Pete and his fellow campers in any way he can when he visits.